Meet the Staff at Mazda of New Bern in New Bern, NC

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Mark Genereux
General Manager

Vice President and General Manager of five dealerships at two locations in New Bern, NC. Chevrolet of New Bern, Lincoln of New Bern, Volvo Cars New Bern, Kia of New Bern, and Mazda of New Bern. Mark is married to his wife, Mary, of 17 years, and they have a 15 year old son named Devin. They enjoy boating, biking, NASCAR, and activities centered around family. Mark and family have lived in the beautiful community of New Bern, NC for the past 15 years.

Art Allen
General Sales Manager

Art was born and raised on a dairy farm in Venango, Pennsylvania. He may have only been with Mazda of New Bern since December 2017, but he has been in the automotive industry for 30 years which has taken him to various places in the United States. Art has five fur-babies, two daughters, two sons, a niece, and a grandson who are extremely important to him. He is passionate about what he does and also spending time with his dogs and basketball. In High School he played basketball, football, and trombone! One day Art would love to travel the United States in a motorhome.

Robbie Robinson
Sales Manager

Robbie has only been with Mazda of New Bern for a short period of time, but is originally from Roanoke Rapids, NC. He has two dogs, Tanner and Otis, and a daughter. Robbie says they are the reason for all his grey hair! He says he spends the most money on shoes and has a collection with over 300 pair!

Paul Stokes
Sales Manager

Paul joined our team in the middle of 2018 but has been in the automotive industry for a total of nine years. He is from Oriental, NC, not too far down the road! Paul is married to his wife, Tonya, and their family consists of two daughters and two dogs. He enjoys surfing, surf fishing, and going to the beach with his family. Paul hopes to one day be able to go on a camping trip to Yellowstone Yosemite and Grand Canyon on a 30 day excursion. He feels strongly about taking care of people the way he would like to be taken care of. Paul can be described as "excited!" 

Brittney Hobson
BDC Manager

Brittney joined New Bern Auto Group in June of 2016 and has been in the automotive industry since 2014. She is originally from Chesapeake, VA, but grew up in Morehead City, NC and considers that home. Brittney and her husband are in the process of becoming foster to adopt parents and they have three fur-babies. She aspires to one day travel around Europe. Brittney feels strongly about family and volunteering for community events. Her coworkers call her "mama bear"!

Jennifer Treadway
Service Manager

Jennifer has been with Mazda of New Bern since the end of 2017, but has been in the automotive industry for quite a while before that. She is a local from right down the road in Havelock, NC. She has a husband, two golden retrievers, and would love to travel the world one day.

Diane Williams
Office Manager

Dylan Caroon
Parts Manager

Dylan is from Pamlico County and joined our team at the end of 2016. Before that, he worked for Joe Alcoke at the same location since 2012. Dylan has been in the automotive industry for a total of 12 years and is very knowledgeable of his products. He enjoys being on the go, having a great time, and not sitting at home. Dylan is very much a people person and loves helping customers with their vehicle needs. If you have a specific parts request, feel free to email him directly. 



Albra Stocks
Product Specialist

Albra (pronounced "all-bray") is originally from right here in New Bern and has been with our company since late 2018 but has been in the automotive industry for five years as he genuinely loves helping people. Albra has four kids ages 26, 17, 10, and 9. His hobbies include basketball, chess, and watching Netflix. Albra is a motivated person who is determined to one day travel the country. He loves spending time with his family but he places his faith above all else.

Nathan Schmitz
Product Specialist

Nathan is from Swanton, Ohio and then later on started calling Hampstead, NC home. He's been in the automotive industry for three years and feels very strongly about being an honest person. He enjoys dirt bikes, guns, and cars. Something on Nathan's bucket list is skydiving!

Jensen Rocham
Product Specialist

In March 2019, we welcomed Jensen to our team. He is originally from Vietnam and in his free time he enjyos working on Japanese classic cars from the 90's specifically. He's considered an enthusiastic person by his co-workers and is very family-oriented. Something on Jensen's bucket list is to travel to Brazil.

Jacoby Vereen
Product Specialist

Richard Brock
Product Specialist

Leslie Johnson
Product Specialist

Brandon Crouch
Product Specialist

Tony Brady
Product Specialist

Tony is a local from right down the road in Newport, NC. He says he has two wonderful kids whom he is very proud of their accomplishments. Tony loves camping, fishing, boating, spending time with his family - especially his new 14 month old granddaughter. Something he'd love to do is a take a one week vacation to Hawaii.  

Tim James
Product Specialist

Tim has been with Mazda of New Bern since July of 2017 and is originally from Ohio. He does not have any kids or pets but has been married for 31 years! Tim enjoys fishing and cooking and likes to spend money on nice clothes. Something he feels strongly about is being a good, honest person.

Marco Pacin
Product Specialist

Marco "Polo" (the nickname the other guys at MNB have given him!) has been with Mazda of New Bern for just a short time as he is originally from Miami, Florida. He has two Yorkies, two cats, and one little girl. Family is number one to Marco and something he feels very strongly about. He enjoys hiking, sailing, and would one day love to take his family to Europe for new adventures!



Jay Staten
Service Advisor

Jay is from New Bern, NC, and has been with Chevrolet of New Bern since 2017. His experience does not stop with that one year as he's been in the automotive industry for 15 years. Jay has a great heart and genuinely believes in doing right by people. He has a pit bull "baby" named Sarabi (like the Lion King!) that is nine years young. Jay enjoys working so that he can enjoy all that life has to offer. One day he would like to go skydiving.


Customer Care

Dana Parent
Customer Service

Dana has been with us since 2013 and is one of the sweetest people we've ever met! In her off time, she enjoys working on their house and indulging in some crafting. Something Dana feels strongly about is treating people with respect.

Ashley VanAnden
Customer Care | Sales

Ashley joined New Bern Auto Group in July of 2016. She is a local and is originally from right here in New Bern, NC. Her family consists of her husband, their beautiful daughter, one cat named Theo, and one dog named Riley. Ashley genuinely enjoys art, music, and nature. She would be labeled as a kind and generous person as she feels strongly about giving back to people. One of her aspirations is to run a 10k. If you ever need to set an appointment for sales or have any general sales questions, please call or email Ashley for assistance.

Renee VanKemseke
Customer Care | Sales

Renee joined our team back in January of 2017. She is originally from Massachusetts and has three daughters who are 7, 11, and 15 years of age. Renee values her health and enjoys fitness and going to the beach. Her coworkers would say she is laid-back and funny. She is thankful her coworkers haven't kicked her out with all the singing she does! If you ever need to set an appointment for sales or have any general sales questions, please call or email Renee for assistance.

Brittany Stokes
Customer Care | Sales

Brittany joined Chevrolet of New Bern in January of 2018 and is a native of New Bern, NC. In her spare time, she enjoys kayaking and traveling. Brittany's coworkers would say she is very bubbly and friendly! If you ever need to set an appointment for sales or have any general sales questions, please call or email Brittany for assistance.

Rebecca Dawson
Customer Care | Service

Becca is originally from Biloxi, MS, and joined New Bern Auto Group in February of 2018. She is a "girly-girl" and loves shopping and manis/pedis. Becca is very passionate about her job and helping people and she says her coworkers would label her as being a sweetheart! If you ever need to set an appointment for service or have any general service questions, please call or email Becca for assistance.

Kelsey Apkarian
Customer Care | Sales

Kelsey joined our team in December 2018 and is originally from New Jersey. Her husband was in the USMC which is what brought their family to the area. In her free time, she enjoys working on cars, gardening, and saving animals. Kelsey is considered a funny, compassionate, and hard-working individual. She values being honest, fair, and kind. One day she would love to travel through New Zealand!

Lizzy Maxwell
Customer Care | Service



Michael Wessels
F & I Manager