A car battery is an important part of your vehicle. It provides the spark needed to start car and powers other electronics like the infotainment system. Replacing your car's battery is a routine maintenance task similar to other Mazda parts like the engine air filter.

How Long do Car Batteries Last?

Car batteries generally last around three to four years. Some car batteries can even last up to six years with proper care.

Symptoms of a Failing Car Battery

  • Interior light or headlights dim a little when turning on other electronics.
  • The lights in your car sometimes blink randomly
  • Slow cranking when starting your car
  • The battery warning light is on

How do I Fix a Failing Car Battery?

There is little you can do once a battery starts failing; replacement is the usual solution in such cases. If a newer car battery fails, you can usually replace them for free within the warranty period. Aside from being defective, a new car battery that fails earlier than expected could mean a problem with another component of the electrical system like the alternator.

Battery Care Tips

Always remember to turn off your headlights and interior lights after driving your car. Unplug any devices you're charging as well. If you forget to do any of these, they will continue to drain your car battery, possibly leaving you with a dead battery in the morning. While you can jumpstart and charge the car battery if this happens, repeatedly draining the battery can affect its lifespan.

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