Brakes are an essential aspect of both safety and performance and brake maintenance is not something that should be ignored.

If you're noticing any of these five signs of brake trouble, stop asking the question where can I get service for brakes near me, and head over to Mazda of New Bern's service center.

1. Your Brake Warning Light Turns On

Most new Mazda cars are equipped with a warning light that illuminates when your brakes need repair. If your light turns on, it is advisable to schedule a service appointment for new Mazda parts as soon as possible.

2. You Hear Unusual Noises

Grinding or squeaking noises coming from your brakes are an indication that something might be wrong. When your brake pads begin to wear out, you will often hear a high-pitched noise. If this happens, schedule an appointment with our mechanics.

3. Squishy Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels squishy or soft when you press it down, it usually means that brake fluid is leaking from the system. Whether it's a matter of an issue with your master cylinder or moisture in your system, it is something that needs to be taken care of.

4. Steering Wheel Vibration

A vibrating steering wheel when you hit the brakes likely means that the rotors are uneven and need repair.

5. Burning Odor

A burning smell with a chemical odor when you hit the brakes is a sign of trouble. It typically occurs when the system overheats after repeated braking.

If you're noticing one of these brake issues, schedule a service appointment with our expert mechanics today.