Are Lower Mileage Pre-Owned Cars Better?
July 7, 2021

Our team of friendly pre-owned car dealers often receive questions regarding low-mileage versus high-mileage cars. Here is an overview of your options.


2021 MAZDA CX-5 Safety Features
June 21, 2021

In addition to its efficient, powerful performance, the 2021 Mazda CX-5 has a long list of active, high-tech safety features.


2021 MAZDA CX-30 Family-Focused Features
June 16, 2021

The 2021 Mazda CX-30 has the family-friendly features to get you where you need to go!


2021 MAZDA3 Performance Features
June 10, 2021

With available all-wheel-drive and an efficient and powerful engine, the 2021 Mazda3 has a long list of innovative performance features.


Amenities at our MAZDA Service Center
June 4, 2021

Here is what sets our Mazda service center apart from the rest.


Trade in Your Vehicle at MAZDA of New Bern
May 19, 2021

Here is everything you need to know about our trade-in program.


Vehicle Prep Tips: What to do Before Coming in for a Service Appointment
May 15, 2021

Before bringing your car to our Mazda service center, be sure to take the following steps.


How to Order MAZDA Parts Online
May 10, 2021

Skip all the hassle and order high-quality Mazda parts directly from our Mazda dealership. 


Can I Lease a MAZDA Through My Business?
May 5, 2021

Here's everything you need to know about a business-related Mazda lease. 


Reasons You Should Always Use MAZDA Parts When Repairing Your MAZDA Vehicle
April 21, 2021

Buying car parts can be an overwhelming experience thanks to the multitude of online retailers selling questionable parts. 


Five Signs It's Time For an Oil Change
April 11, 2021

Here at Mazda of New Bern, we have the entire 2021 Mazda lineup, and we are happy to show off some of our favorite Mazda models. 


Schedule MAZDA Service for National Car Care Month
April 5, 2021

Mazda of New Bern, is your source for tune-ups. 


Does it Matter What Kind of Oil I Put in My MAZDA Vehicle
March 21, 2021

Does it really make difference? 


Five Signs Your Brakes May Need Replacing or Repairing
March 10, 2021

Look out for these signs if you're wondering if your Mazda brakes need maintenance. 


Does Leasing a Car Affect Your Tax Return
March 4, 2021

Can leasing a Mazda car really make an impact on your tax return? 


What is Our Loyalty Program?
February 18, 2021

As a member of the larger New Bern Auto Group, Mazda of New Bern is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind Loyalty Program to car buyers. 


2021 MAZDA Model Lineup at MAZDA of New Bern
February 8, 2021

Here at Mazda of New Bern, we have the entire 2021 Mazda lineup, and we are happy to show off some of our favorite Mazda models. 


Leasing versus Buying: Taxes
January 27, 2020

When it comes to buying or leasing a Mazda, there are many factors that must be weighed to ensure you make the best financial decision for you and/or your business. 

Tax advantages of leasing versus buying at Mazda of New Bern in New Bern | Man explaining information to woman

Leasing a car: Can I Trade It In For Credit Towards Another Vehicle?
January 20, 2020

When you lease a vehicle at Mazda of New Bern, you agree to pay for the depreciation of the vehicle during the period you drive it and to give it back or purchase it at the end of that period.

Can I trade in my leased vehicle at Mazda of New Bern | Sales agent explainging information to couple

Leasing Versus Buying a Vehicle
December 20, 2019

So, you found your dream car and now you're asking yourself how you want to pay for it. The decision to buy or lease a vehicle depends on your own individual needs and other monthly costs

Leasing versus buying a vehicle at Mazda of New Bern in New Bern | Man signing document at a car dealership

How to Buy or Lease a Mazda
December 10, 2019

You've found a beautiful new Mazda and you're ready to take the next steps to make it yours. But...where do you start? What can you expect from the research and planning phase all the way to finally getting those shiny new keys handed to you?

how to buy or lease a new Mazda at Mazda of New Bern | Couple buying a vehicle at a dealership


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